Ford Mustang Boss 302S

Finishing up the preparations on the new Ford Mustang Boss 302S for it’s debut at the Kansas Speedway this weekend. The Boss 302S is one of four full race cars you can order at the parts counter from Ford Racing. They do not have VIN numbers and are not street legal. The other three race cars you can order are the Ford Mustang Boss 302R, Ford Mustang Cobra Jet, and Fiesta B-Spec.

After: 1954 Nash Metropolitan

After: 1954 Nash Metropolitan. This great little car has been fun to have around. It is amazing that the vacuum tube AM radio functions properly. Vintage Firestone white wall tires completes the 50′s look on this little car. Is it American or British? It seems that everyone loves it no matter what you call it.

1965 Volkswagen Beetle

For some cars it is cheaper to swap a new transmission than to rebuild the old one. In this Beetle you can quickly drop the engine, disconnect the axles and swap transmissions in a couple hours.

CYde Effect

The Cyclone Power Pullers chose us to powdercoat all of the parts for the 2014 pulling tractor named CYde Effect. Their team consists of Iowa State Univertisy students who design their own tractor to compete against other universities in an ASABE sponsored competition.