After: 1951 Studebaker Commander

No before pictures of this one were posted as it came to us as a pile of parts. A rat rod look that he doesn’t have to keep clean was the goal for the owner of this one. The new Studebaker 232 V8 is so quiet and smooth you can hardly tell it is running.


1927 Buick 120″

With the snow melting it was time to get the old Buick out into the sunshine for some pictures. After the car’s slumber in a garage the engine is now seized and we have the task of getting it back on the road. Don’t worry a full restoration will not be happening, being a solid car everyone is in agreement that it looks just fine the way it is.


Before: 1976 Jensen Interceptor

This is a true British MOPAR muscle car. Powered by the Chrysler 440 cubic inch V8 the Interceptor was a great GT car of its day. So popular is this car that an Interceptor had a lead role in the Fast and Furious 6 movie. A company in England will even sell you a new one completely rebuilt with modern equipment.


1973 Triumph Stag

It was exciting to have a Triumph Stag in the shop. Even surprising to other owners who have called up inquiring about having us work on one and hearing that we had one here. This car hasn’t been running for an extended time and fought back stubbornly with more problems after each repair. The Stag has such a great sound from its rare Triumph V8 that I hate to see it leave.


Indepedence Day

We finally finished all of the repairs on the 1931 Chevrolet Independence. With a few less oil leaks, rust repairs, working door handles, and a functional cooling system it can now be enjoyed as it should. Nobody would mind keeping this one around.

2014 MidCoast Road Rally

Thanks to everyone who stopped by on Saturday, especially the MidCoast Road Rally. It was so much fun to watch everyone try their skills on our remote control car race track in the back and give the Burgies Grumman Olson coffee truck a steady line of customers for it’s first time out of the garage. We have never had this many people or vehicles here at one time before.

Ford Mustang Boss 302S

Finishing up the preparations on the new Ford Mustang Boss 302S for it’s debut at the Kansas Speedway this weekend. The Boss 302S is one of four full race cars you can order at the parts counter from Ford Racing. They do not have VIN numbers and are not street legal. The other three race cars you can order are the Ford Mustang Boss 302R, Ford Mustang Cobra Jet, and Fiesta B-Spec.