Uncommon Dyno

We have had the DynoJet for just shy of a year now and by the end of the year it will have seen a fair share of interesting makes and models. The DynoJet is great for much more than just finding out how much power or torque a car makes. You can analyze the fuel to air mixture, ignition condition, finding leaks, engine break-in, and even aero dynamic effects on gearing.


The Jaguar V12

175 CD-2 Stromberg Carburetors will usually be finicky especially when your engine has four of them. Although this Jaguar ran pretty good it was leaking fuel, oil and leaving its aroma on the passengers after a drive. The leaking fuel had stained the jaguars front frame members which needed a repaint and general cleanup. With everything polished, cleaned and rebuilt the passengers can enjoy the smells of the scenery and not of the car.