1955 Grumman Olson Step Van

This Chevrolet chassis 1955 Grumman Olson step van arrived last night and is not allocated to a project. This van would make a great shop truck, food truck, or merch wagon for your business and if you are interested in building a unique marketing vehicle for your company send us a message. The Grumman Olson is made of aluminum so there are never the rust issues you will see with other vans and have a much larger interior and more head room making it a better usable space for those wanting to pack in a lot of equipment.


After: 1971 Pontiac Trans Am

This Pontiac Trans Am came to us as a car that had hid a deer 30 years ago and then stored ever since. It has been a long rebuild but they could have never dreamed of a Trans Am like this back in 1971. Almost every part of the car has been vastly improved but the interior and exterior hide off the secret and maintain an original restored look.


CMC Restricted

This new Camaro Mustang Challenge build was just finished and is here for inspection and certification. The engine was making much more than the owner expected and the restrictor set wouldn’t bring it down to spec. After fashioning a custom restrictor this car is right on the mark and can be seen at NASA events very soon.


2012 Fisker Karma

Produced in Finland starting in 2011 the Fisker Karma has arguably been the best looking plug-in electric hybrid car for years. We had to drop the rear subframe on this one to fix a traction motor coolant leak. It will be getting several other upgrades in addition to needing one of the rear Nivomat, an automatic self contained load-leveling monotube damper, replaced.


After: 1951 Studebaker Commander

No before pictures of this one were posted as it came to us as a pile of parts. A rat rod look that he doesn’t have to keep clean was the goal for the owner of this one. The new Studebaker 232 cu.in. V8 is so quiet and smooth you can hardly tell it is running.


1927 Buick 120″

With the snow melting it was time to get the old Buick out into the sunshine for some pictures. After the car’s slumber in a garage the engine is now seized and we have the task of getting it back on the road. Don’t worry a full restoration will not be happening, being a solid car everyone is in agreement that it looks just fine the way it is.